Monday, September 3, 2012

Meet Fiona


A couple of weeks ago my brother told us there was a golden doodle up in Wa in need of a home. I immediately wanted all of the information, and freaked out that someone else was going to get to her before I even had a chance to talk to her owner. Things always work out the way they should and I am still working on my patience! We finally got the phone number to the wonderful woman looking for a home for her pup. I called her as soon as I got home from work on Aug 21. I spent at least an hour talking to Kerrie about Fiona. I knew that she was supposed to come home with us. When I had been thinking about her before I talked to anyone I was secretly hoping her name was Fiona or at least I could change it to that. At the end of our conversation when I had decided she was most definitely meant for us I asked Kerrie what her name was, and when she said, "Fiona", I almost cried! She was ours!!! Kerrie agreed that she would give her to us and I was ecstatic! Everything just worked out perfectly. To make a really long story short, we bought our plane tickets and rental car the next day and flew up to Wa on Thurs.

 The flight was so beautiful! We saw all the mountains (Shasta, Lassen, Hood) and it was gorgeous. We were so excited. When we went to pick up our rental car we had a major problem and ended up spending a good 2 hours at the rental car counters and after a couple kidneys sold, we had a very tiny and uncomfortable car. We stopped at our hotel, ran to Home Goods to collect a few things for Fiona and then went to Portland to explore and find a place for dinner. It wasn't very successful but we had a great time. We had dinner at Whole Foods and then stood in line at VOODOO doughnuts for dessert. A wonderful evening spent with my Love!

We woke up early to go pick her up. She was at the Hospital where Kerrie dropped her off on Wed to get spayed and chipped and updated on all of her shots.

This Vet Hospital was amazing. We couldn't have loved them more! They didn't charge us for boarding her for two nights. They were all so helpful and so friendly. It made me want to move up there just so we have a safe place to take Fiona!!!

 We settled into the car for the long drive to my parents. She was adorable. Her hair was really long and you couldn't see her eyes very well. She looked like a teddy bear! We stopped at a rest stop and when I came out of the restroom Hendra was sitting on the ground and Fiona was sitting on top of him. She is such a little love bug!! She was really scared of men and definitely gravitated towards me easier but it was like she knew she was ours and we were going home! She was smiling the whole way!!!

Saturday we spent with my parents in their yard with the dogs! Brinkley had a hard time adjusting to someone new that got a lot of his deserved attention! Hopefully next time they will be better friends! Mom cut her hair on her face after she ran into the table leg!! We sat outside all afternoon with them! They are both so cute!

So adorable!!! We are in love with her and her sweet timid personality! She seems to catch on quickly and has a very cute demeanor!

Brinkley being a ham!!!

Mom teaching Fiona how to sit and lay down! She caught on right away! They were so cute!!

We drove home on Sunday and she knew as soon as we walked into our house that it was her new home! She has made our life so fun these last couple weeks! You can't help but smile when you watch her! She is coming out of her shell and I think we are going to have our work cut out for us! She certainly brings life to our tiny little family and home! Doggie School here we come!!