Monday, November 5, 2012

hello monday

i'm linking up with lisa, who i adore, for a hello monday post!

hello to pumpkins and the month of thanksgiving.

hello to a week of work that matches my husbands schedule exactly!!

hello to a new week with a new health plan, started out right this morning with yoga and fresh green juice.

hello to planning thanksgiving and a weekend with my family visiting, i can hardly wait!

hello to beautiful things

hello to i am thankful cards from emily.  we are writing one for each day this month and i love the way they look all hanging together strung on some hemp twine.

hello to more time spent in puppy training, we finally feel like fi is learning something new.

hello to rogers garden today, i love walking around the nursery. it is a very happy place and i'm thankful for the time to go.

Friday, November 2, 2012


 i’m linking up my phone pics from the last two weeks with jeannett. 

 Doodle love! They were so cute when we first met up in Santa Barbara, beside themselves with excitement. Thank goodness for dad's to take care of them while mom and I checked all of the adorable shops in Montecito.

The guys all rode in the Santa Barbara Century. I was super proud of my Dad, he got his bike Sat morning, the day of ride, and rode 34 miles! Matt rode as well. Hendra rode 100 miles, so proud of my Hubby, it's fun to watch him ride over the finish line, safe and sound!!

Mom and I hit a couple estate sales, walked the dogs, and had a great day together!

We celebrated our Anniversary a little late! We ended up at a restaurant  that we went to for Mr Sitompul's Birthday while we were dating. It was super yummy!

 Ridiculously yummy mocha Monday morning on our way home. I spotted a movie star, my first, and I was really proud of myself!

My adorable baby! Every time I say walk, she tilts her head and I just die with love!

Pretending she forgot how to jump in the car. Her face made us laugh so hard we cried!

I swoon for this china. It is adorable and I plan to collect some. Wouldn't it be adorable for little girl birthday's and tea parties, and baby showers, and and and?! I love!

I attended a very sweet friend's baby shower this week. Ayme and I made these favor bags and tags and she filled them with whoopie pies from corner bakery. The pic is horrible, but they turned out just perfect! I love doing fun projects with Ayme!

I've had a perfect morning today! Went to yoga, had a great class, stopped at sb on the way home and picked up my first peppermint mocha in a holiday red cup, LOVE. Missing my hubby at work today, but loving this day to get things done before a weekend of work! I'm so thankful it's November, the month of gratefulness!!!

We've had a tough week. Mr Sitompul woke up Sat morning with an extremely stiff neck. We ignored it for a couple days, until it got worse after massage, hot and cold tx, muscle relaxers. We went to urgent care, i got a little nervous it was something more. Kind of freaked out, but it's finally getting a little better. I'm not used to my hubby not feeling good. He's my rock and the roles changed this week. I love him so much and prayed over him all week. I'm so thankful he's feeling better and it wasn't anything that I feared. I love you baby! Happy weekend and November!