Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello Monday

i am linking up with Lisa for hello monday. these photos are from a fun little birthday package that i sent a good friend for her birthday. nothing too exciting, but packaged all together turned out quite adorable!

hello to glittering initials, i've been wanting to try this since jones design monthly came out with the outlines back in november! now i can't seem to stop!

hello to a night away at our favorite hotel where we got engaged and try to visit at least once a year! hello to the parker (beautiful hotel in palm springs)!

hello to having the same schedule with my husband this week, such luck! (tray is ikea)

hello to my best friend coming home after a month away. i've truly missed you ayme! it's far too quiet around here without you and your little brood! (cards are jones design company)

hello to checking more off of our summer checklist this week!

hello to looking forward to a day at the pool

hello to  a yoga class with my hubby this morning! a perfect way to start our week!

Friday, July 13, 2012


i’m linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett! happy weekend!

beautiful flowers from my love. pic is in horrible lighting and so much prettier in real life.

my hot date after church. love this guy in his bow ties!

i really don't have such a small head compared to my body! we rented a tandem at huntington beach, something we had on our summer checklist. we didn't really like the location, but still had a lot of fun!

after biking we ate at true food, my new favorite restaurant and they always have the yummiest water. this time it was basil and strawberries. we had both at home and i just kept refilling our pitcher. it makes drinking water absolutely fun!

another summer checklist: we spent the afternoon at the lazy river near us. had a totally wonderful afternoon. it was so relaxing and not that busy. we are totally going back next week!

drying off after the river. perfectly relaxed!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Independence Day

this post is basically just a bunch of pictures to mark my husbands first 4th of July as an american! we were pretty excited and tried to make it special. the day was spent cooking and making fun treats for our picnic, but it was great and we had a perfect time together!

 we dipped pretzels in chocolate and sprinkles, it was a little tougher than we thought, but they were delish!

mr american!

my tom's turn for the photo!

yummy sparkling lemonade from tj.

my beautiful mother in law!

a ton of veggies and dip!

our little picnic! i had this awesome idea to use a dropcloth for a simple picnic blanket. super bad idea! the moisture from the grass seeped through and we were a little wet on the backside!

the best patriotic strawberries! i could go for one right now!

my good friend (yoga partner!) came over to visit with her adorable daughter. i told her i wanted to take a picture of her and she struck a pose, way too much personality in this little one!!!

not the greatest pic of us, but it's all we got!

 hubby trying to get good pics of the fireworks! i think he did a great job!

i always feel so proud to be an american when this day roles around and this year did not dissapoint! i am so thankful to live in this country and to be free!

Friday, July 6, 2012


i’m linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett! most of them are from the 4th of July! This year my husband became a full fledged american with his citizenship complete! i wanted to make it kind of a big deal! we planned a big family picnic where we usually watch the fireworks. we made a lot of fun food and brought cute decor! everyone bailed except my husband's mom and brother. we had fun playing cards and chatting though. we ended up carrying in a ton of food, so for just four of us, we had a lot to choose from! it was a nice evening relaxing together.

we picked up our chairs from getting upholstered. i love them! i ended up using drop cloth and have been really nervous about picking them up, but they turned out great and are quite comfortable! i  love the guy that recovered them, he is super sweet and he knew i didn't want to spend a lot on them, so he took off $50 when we picked them up. i'm so grateful for nice people!

i've been eyeing this fabric at joanns for awhile, i really want to make pillows for our chairs with this. may have to just get some next time i have a 50% off coupon with me!

independence day! i went to a tough yoga class and was feeling really great when i got home. we cooked all day. wanted to go get lunch and realized the whole town shuts down for the holiday. we (usually work on the 4th so are a little clueless), ended coming home and making lunch. we had such a fun day together!

chocolate dipped pretzels and strawberries! we have a ton left over!

bad pic, but the fireworks were amazing this year. my favorite thus far!

my man being an amazing husband!

super cool fabric i bought this week for a project!

lovely day spent together!

left over pudding cups from our celebration

just received my favorite (and only) magazine in the mail today! it only comes out four times a year, but i love it and it makes each issue even more special.

i'm super excited about this weekend! we haven't had a weekend off together for almost a month! i plan to check a couple things off of our summer checklist!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello Monday

i am linking up with Lisa for hello monday. i'm excited that it is a new week and i only have two more days of work this week!

hello beautiful peonies, definitely a favorite flower. someday i hope to live in the right climate to grow them.

hello to the 4th! we are going on a picnic with family and hopefully some friends. i want it to be super cute, so am planning to make some fun food and have cute decorations! basically to photo. i'm really the only one that cares about the details, but it truly makes the holiday special for me. mr sitompul always seems to get excited about that stuff. i'm super lucky!

hello to a massage tomorrow, it's been a while and i am in such need. i don't know if it's my patients, or the way i move in yoga, but i am super tight and sore everywhere!


hello to taking a good friend to the airport and getting to spend some time together before her flight at lunch. the older i get, the more i value amazing friends. i only have a few, but i love them to death.

hello to a week started out on the right foot! i went to yoga early this morning and already went grocery shopping for the week.

here is to a new week and staying positive and in a thankful frame of mind!