Friday, October 19, 2012


 i’m linking up my phone pics from this last week with jeannett.

this week has come and gone so quickly. it was a whirlwind of fun and planning. we had a baby shower at work for a friend who is having her first girl! and then also getting ready for our weekend away in santa barbara, which we have been planning for a couple of months. i am sitting in our little rental house listening to the peaceful sounds of the ocean the freeway traffic and so thankful for this mini vacation. my parents are here with their doodle and i am waiting for my brother to show up with his adorable pup. it's going to be a full house and i couldn't be happier. mr sitompul is riding in a century tomorrow, which deserves it's own post, and my brother and dad are riding a shorter version. we are all excited! mom and i have been getting our shopping on!

 after a long day of work we made yummy hot drinks and lit a candle. i really should do that more often, it is so good for your soul!

a very fun package in the mail, just in time for our trip. fi's first matching collar and leash, and i absolutely love!

every girl deserves a pair of red shoes!

excuse the lighting, a bunting patti helped me make for the shower, i think it turned out pretty cute

my sweetheart

 the trendiest kleenex that i found at the $ store, too pretty not to get

started up the home made lattes this week and can't get enough. sitting after yoga with a latte and my computer is my most favorite time of my day.

on our way this morning to santa barbara. have loved every minute of today! mr sitompul made this trip possible. he is so amazing! he's helpful and organized and treats me like a queen. i'm so lucky!!

my friend made these and gave them out as party favors. adorable. haven't eaten one yet, they are too cute, but i heard they are delicious!

happy friday friends!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I'm having a hard time today and can't seem to make it off the couch, when I do get up I find myself back on our bed. I need to get inspired! So of course I re open the computer to visit my favorite place - blog land! I have so many things to be thankful for. I really do try to focus on them. I have posted quotes all over our tiny house and put a gratitude banner on our front door and yet I still find myself focusing on the negative ie. no energy, long list of things to do, pain, messy house. Why do I let myself go there. It's pathetic, and I don't want to be that person. It's been a while since I posted a list of thanks. So today, I'm hoping this turns my day around. I want to be a positive, christian woman that focuses on the good in everyone and everyday!

*I am thankful for a friend that lives next door always up for a walk.
*I am thankful for a husband that understands and tries to help me every chance he gets.
*I am thankful for a certain pup who makes me laugh at least 10 times a day and seems to understand my every mood.
*I am thankful for a weekend away with my family.
*I am thankful that fall is coming, I love this season.
*I am thankful for coffee.
*I am thankful for blogs that inspire me to be a better person.
*I am thankful that everyday is a new day to start over.
*I am thankful that my husband loves biking and I get to go to Santa Barbara to support his hobby!
*I am thankful for baby showers.
*I am thankful for pumpkins.

Who can be ungrateful and sad with that face around. I am so lucky and thankful for my life, my family and friends, and my adorable pup! Off the couch I go to get a long list of to do's checked off. Perhaps another cup of coffee will help!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


 i’m linking up my phone pics with jeannett. it has been over a month since i posted an instafriday, so i just went through all my phone pics and tried to limit them to the best memories. there is a definite theme in these photos, but in my defense, she kind of runs our life now and anywhere we can take a dog is now our favorite place to go!

a sweet little birthday gift to a special friend. i thought it turned out cute
we took our favorite little people to the lazy river, it was a really fun day
 our trip down from wa after picking up our baby, the sparkle brick was outside voodoo doughnuts, i loved it!

trying to take a pick of fi and i to send to mr sitompul at work. her head is really too big to fit in the phone screen

the first of our fall decor, and miss confused over anything new

a trip to roger's garden, one of my favorite places

a lazy day spent on the couch, trying to regain some energy

we did a 10k, just walked, but had so much fun

celebrated our 3rd anniversary, i made a special dinner and can't help but decorate the table

happy friday! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fiona's 1st Post

 Hello, my name is Fiona and i now run this new home. 

This is a picture of me in my kitchen. I like to lay right at my Mom's feet so that she can practice hurdling over me while carrying hot dishes or coffee or anything that she doesn't want to spill. I like to watch her jump. She doesn't seem to like it and yells at me, but I just think she's yelling for joy!

I love to lay on anyone that will sit on my floor with me. Daddy spends a lot of time with me and I LOVE him!!

Sometimes I get very lucky and he holds me. He thinks I'm a little big for his lap but I think I fit just fine. And yes, my tongue does detach itself so that I can let it fall so far out of my mouth. I only do that when I'm really tired or really happy!

This picture is very embarrassing, but my mom insisted. We were getting ready for a photo shoot and she thought the flower would be cute. I didn't like it, but I'm sure you can tell by the look on my face. And yes, mom did decide to use the orange scissors to trim my face. It looks more like I got my face caught in the lawn mower. Maybe she should leave the dog grooming to the professionals!

Mom wanted a picture with me, but I wasn't happy about the flower in my hair. Dog's shouldn't wear clothes and accessories. My dad agrees with me!

These are my shoes, I'm still not used to them, but I'm learning to live with them. My friend Patti thinks my mom is crazy to make me wear them, and I agree!

I am a professional cricket hunter. It is my job in life. I love to pretend I need to go outside to use the bathroom and then go look for crickets. I know they only come out at night, but I am still always on the lookout for them during the day.