Monday, November 5, 2012

hello monday

i'm linking up with lisa, who i adore, for a hello monday post!

hello to pumpkins and the month of thanksgiving.

hello to a week of work that matches my husbands schedule exactly!!

hello to a new week with a new health plan, started out right this morning with yoga and fresh green juice.

hello to planning thanksgiving and a weekend with my family visiting, i can hardly wait!

hello to beautiful things

hello to i am thankful cards from emily.  we are writing one for each day this month and i love the way they look all hanging together strung on some hemp twine.

hello to more time spent in puppy training, we finally feel like fi is learning something new.

hello to rogers garden today, i love walking around the nursery. it is a very happy place and i'm thankful for the time to go.

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