Friday, May 25, 2012


  i’m linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett again! there aren't very many this week. a lot of shopping and time spent with a very good friend!

 my counter next to the sink. i rearranged, which i do pretty much weekly, but i love how it turned out. i feel like the way you decorate your home, should make you happy and i love tweaking ours all the time.

my amazing husband with my favorite kids. we were at a school program. it was so cute and fun to watch lizzy perform!


ayme and i spent the day shopping, we went crazy (see the pic below)! it is always so good to spend some girl time and get to chat all day without interruptions. I am so thankful for a good friend, who has blessed my life incredibly!


ikea! need i say more! we took my car, which was not thought through and had no room whatsoever! i bought a ginormous mirror at our first stop of the day, which ended up sitting in between us in the front seat. then we piled all of our new buys around it. once we were done with ikea, there was barely any room left for us! ayme had to actually go back the next day to pick up the rest of her furniture. we laughed and laughed, too bad no one in ikea ever finds us funny! we closed the store down! hard core shoppers, that's us:)

can't get enough green lately, maybe bc it's getting so brown around me down here with the smog setting in for summer. i certainly don't have a green thumb, but i'm trying.


thing's that make me smile. emily from jones design company (whom i love) put out this free printable this week and i love it. i ordered these sunglasses from a super cute shop called avenue lou and they are so fun. i bought a couple extra for fun gifts.

happy friday! i'm totally enjoying my day today and am very thankful for this quiet day off.

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  1. your your your style. love that you rearrange your house all the that you love to shop. love that you have created a wonderful, cozy home for your family. love YOU!