Thursday, May 31, 2012


i’m linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett! i had a great week, with a lot accomplished (mainly painting our bathroom, but it was a job that's been hanging over my head for like a year!).

 i've been missing this guy! his name is brinkley, and he is crazy! he'll be visiting this next week and we are excited :)

our new family member! mr sitompul finally got a super swanky bike. i miss the old one, a little too sentimental sometimes, but i'm sure i'll learn to love this one just as much. he is already in love!


we celebrated our dating/engagement anniversary this last week. can't believe it's been 5 years.

 my healthy week didn't go as i planned, but this was one morning that we started out right with a smoothie.

 date night in laguna, it was spontaneous and really fun. the ladies sign on the bathroom is odd, but i thought it was kind of cool in person!

  enjoying our evening at the beach. love this guy!

finally finished the bathroom and LOVE it. we almost killed ourselves and each other in the process, but i love the way it turned out.

i colored my hair for the first time (yikes). i totally enjoyed my visit to the salon this week. i was just happy to sit and not feel like i should be doing something.

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  1. stopping by from instafriday- super awesome bathroom wall paint colors/theme! from what i can see, it looks really nice! and belated happy anniversary! :)