Monday, August 6, 2012

hello monday

i am linking up with Lisa for hello monday. this week has already started off amazing. we started our sunday off with a super long hike and a lengthy nap. i am feeling recuperated and ready for a new week! these are pics from a few shelve makeovers from last week that Ayme helped me with!

 hello to a fun day ahead at the lazy river, our favorite summer spot! and taking our favorite set of twins ever!

hello to a front yard make over. i am so ridiculously excited!

hello to making it through a week of work. i want to focus on being an example and using my talent's for God's glory.

hello to a cut and color, it's so way over due. what is up with my hair falling out by the handfuls and multiple white hairs popping out of no where daily?!

hello to enjoying the olympics nightly.

hello to some ridiculously adorable little mugs from a dear friend to make my week! thank you Ayme!

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