Friday, August 3, 2012


i’m linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett. there a about 3 weeks worth of pics, i can't seem to whip out posts very easy, hopefully i'll get better at!

movie after work in 3D. it was a lot of fun to do something after work other than just going home and getting in bed! the pic is blurry, but had to document the goofy glasses!


every summer we spend a night at The Parker in palm springs. hendra took me there for my birthday when we first started dating and then he proposed there. it's our favorite spot and i love it! it's really swanky and it usually takes us a little while to feel relaxed there! as soon as we put our bags in our room we ran to the pool.

this is the first year that i knew who Jonathan Adler was and realized that he decorated The Parker. I've always loved how every space looked but this year i spent more time appreciating the details! we had an absolutely perfect 24 hrs together!

 hendra's brother bryan's birthday. we went to spaghetti factory per his request and had a fun lunch catching up with the family.

 my new favorite place to buy produce, a little farmer's market stand down the street that makes me happy just to be there!

 friday night vesper's at the in-laws house. they have a really perfect back yard for parties! this is my husband, his older brother, and two cousins. i love watching them catch up and connect. it always makes me happy to these guys together!

 my clutch matched my honey's tie at church, i thought it was picture worthy!

this last weekend my brother came for a visit, it was super exciting to have him here for the whole weekend. we barely ever get to see him so we wanted it to be fun in hopes that he will return again! saturday we drove down to laguna to hang out at the beach. we brought matt's dog and thought for sure we could take him out. apparently not! we ended up sitting on the brick wall right on the sand and people watched, but had a great time anyway!

 sunday we drove up to a shooting range. it was an experience for sure! a little afraid of all the snake signs and the huge black bee that bit me 4 times before i could get away!

had to hit our favorite ice cream shop a la minute in redlands before he left us.

i had a fun afternoon on monday when my amazingly talented friend stopped by for a quick visit. i ended up keeping her a little longer to help me rearrange the shelves in the kitchen and dining room and fix up our table. it's so much more fun to do that kind of stuff with a friend and a fresh eye! thanks ayme!

happy weekend! i'm struggling to stay in a positive state of mind today. it's truly hard to let go and rely on the Lord. God is great, God is strong, God can make things better even when i don't feel like anything is happening. clinging on this promise today:

for He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. psalm 91:11 

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