Friday, April 27, 2012


 I'm excited to link up with Jeannett from Life Rearranged for InstaFriday! I love taking pics with my phone and am excited about keeping them in one place now.

Had a really nice walk/jog in the drizzle! Love this weather!

  Getting to know our new Hurom juicer and learning what we can use to be healthy and not throw up in the process!


It doesn't look that good, but isn't bad at all.
Date night with Mr Sitompul. We love our new ice cream shop in Redlands, A La Minute!
Finally organized and cleaned the freezer. Don't worry, I went grocery shopping right after I took this photo!
Spent the afternoon at the park with my dear friend Ayme taking photos of her precious kids. Caroline is the easiest to photo right now and so adorable!
A common sight in our living room at night.
Loving my new frother from Ikea, it makes coffee so much more fun to make and drink!
We went to Ikea last week and I bought this tray. Can't seem to get enough of navy blue or stripes lately. When we were walking in I told Ayme that I wasn't going to get anymore pillows or trays bc I have way to many. When we left I had to buy this tray and would have bought 2 yellow pillows, but luckily they were out of stock!

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  1. So Proud of You Angie....
    Adorable, interesting, love the pictures. LOVE LOVE the tray, glad you bought it!!!
    You are going to love blogging and you are already great at it! Talk to you tomorrow!