Thursday, April 26, 2012

No Clue!

I have seen this right now i am. . . post (meg from whatever posted it today) floating around and since this is my very first blog post I thought I would give it a try! So here it goes.

right now i am.....
watching:   my husband riding his bike on the trainer in our tiny living room. he's trying to get ready for a gran fondo that is coming up very soon.
drinking:  diet coke left over from our late night costco run
wearing:  leggings and sweatshirt, it was a nice drizzly, comfy clothes kind of day
eating:  it's getting really late, so I'm trying not to think about food right now
listening:  mindy gledhill ( I saw her in concert on my birthday last year ) Mr Sitompul got lot's of brownie points for taking me and spending the day being the only man at the Queen Bee Market
avoiding: laundry and putting the dishes away
wishing:  i would have gotten more checked off my to do list today
feeling:  tired, guilty for drinking caffeine so late, proud that i have finally started this blog
missing: my parents (they are in Hawaii this week, which they totally deserve, but I don't get to talk to them the normal 7 times a day!)
thankful:  for my super supportive Mr Sitompul
craving:  chocolate chip cookies that Ayme is making right now.
wondering:  what my brother's graduation is going to be like next weekend
praying:  for understanding, for wisdom, for a more patient state of mind
needing:  to be done with this so I can go to bed (shouldn't have drank so much diet coke!)
thinking:  about what I am getting myself into with this blog
dreaming:  painting our bathroom sometime soon
loving: a quiet clean house

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