Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello Monday

I am linking up with Lisa for a hello monday post! I've been super busy for the last couple weeks and have been neglecting my little spot in blog land! Side note - I love Lisa and her blog! Such a genuinely adorable christian woman with amazing style! One of the first blogs I check everyday! So thank you Lisa for all of your inspiration and beautiful uplifting lifestyle!

Hello to a little time spent with our camera and my patient husband, learning a little about aperture and lighting. I had a lot of fun, and have no clue what I'm really doing. I'm not big on learning the hard way with anything, I would really just like to snap my fingers and be a photographer!

Hello to the most yummy chocolate dipped strawberries. I made a whole bunch for Mr Sitompul after he had a long day at work and we took some to his parents for a father's day gift and super late mother's day! I did buy her a plant, but my wonderful green thumb failed me and it died before I had a chance to deliver it (possibly the worst daugher-in-law move ever!).

Hello to one more day of work this week and then almost a week off. I am so thankful for a week of resting and possibly some art projects. It feels like we have been so busy since the beginning of May. All very fun stuff, but I'm a little worn out.

Hello to a few mornings this week starting off with yoga. For sure this practice has grown on me, I don't believe I will ever be the one in class standing on my head, but it certainly calms me down and focuses my whole self for the rest of my day!

Hello to a clean house, thanks to my very diligent and ever loving husband!

Hello to a new juicing book from costco to help excite us again about our juicer. I need all the help I can get!

Hello to absolutely loving our new bathroom makeover. I can't believe how much a little paint can do for  a room!

Hello to spending my first shift in the ER this week as a float and making it through without crying or screaming. It was horrible, but I did it with a smile! I did send a very intense email to my charge nurse about how I'm going to change our policy about floating. So here is to making a difference at work!

Hello to getting sometime this week to blog! I am really starting to love this and am really excited about Emily's new blog class she is offering! I need to start saving and hope to sign up mid summer!

Let's have a good week and remember to think about our blessings! Here is to a new week with a great attitude!

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