Friday, June 22, 2012



i’m linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett! this is actually about three weeks of phone pics! I'm a little behind. A lot has been going on!

a wonderful day spent at the queen bee market, which is definitely one of my favorite places. we bought matching bow ties for mr sitompul and our some day son! there were quite a few other buys that day, i took a ton of pics on our camera, will have to post about it.

my mom and i spent the most fabulous day at roger's garden and then had a very late lunch at true food ( my new favorite place to eat ). we had such a great time together, it made me really miss her more than i usually do!

i am really enjoying my flowers this time of year. peonies are my fave at the moment.

brinkley got to spend a night with us and we so enjoyed him, he is such a character in every way! makes us both really want a dog of our own, but man is he a lot of work!

a true man to love! this is a common sight in our home. how did i luck out?! God totally picked this guy for me ( love you honey!)

these photos have a cute background but it doesn't show up much, brink was such a character trying to get cozy under our bed!

speaking of our bed, i love our pillows, and the other day when i was making it, i just had to take a quick photo. 

i spent two days and one night in arizona helping my brother move into his new apt! we had a great time and were super thrilled with his new bedding and frame that my dad and matt made out of old barn wood. drache seemed to love it too!

running around everywhere in az,  i'm so happy he is so much closer to us, for at least a year.

my two favorite 5 year olds, they just celebrated their birthday! i'm really missing them this summer!

my honey and i on the way to a lunch date. we eat out way too much, but i really enjoy our time together!

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  1. isn't queen be market the best?!
    so bummed i missed the last one, but it's my favorite.
    thanks for linking up!