Friday, June 29, 2012


i’m linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett! i guess i didn't post as much as i planned this week, but i did take a lot of pictures on my phone! happy weekend!

spent some time hanging out on the couch with my computer and a movie

one of my morning walks, it was really relaxing. i love it when i start the day out right.

i had to make this bunting that i saw on emily's blog. funny story, we went to home depot this week to return a shelf and i told hendra that i was going to run and grab some paint chips. there were a ton of people in the paint dept and i was trying to slyly pick the ones i like and grab a handful. i felt SO GUILTY! i tried to play it cool and when i was walking back to meet my husband, he told me that i had a look of shame like i had stolen the whole store. i thought i was all cool about it, i am not a bad person! i just wanted to make this stupid bunting, that turned out pretty cute! i think next time i will go to a few stores and take a couple each time, not a handful! thanks to people like me, they are going to start charging!

made this glittered s in a frame for our gallery wall. its quite imperfect, but i like it that way.

 we made a trip to ikea this week and played house in all the rooms, it was kind of fun. we really didn't buy much, it was just fun to be silly and have a date with my hubby!
 on the way to lunch (where else?)!
 the evening at the beach, which i just blogged about. it was a perfect day!
 cookies for my husband, only one of the pans came out right out of three. i don't think i will ever be a baker, which is probably a good thing, cause i eat way too much dough!! (horrible lighting)


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