Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello Monday

i am linking up with Lisa for hello monday. these photos are from a fun little birthday package that i sent a good friend for her birthday. nothing too exciting, but packaged all together turned out quite adorable!

hello to glittering initials, i've been wanting to try this since jones design monthly came out with the outlines back in november! now i can't seem to stop!

hello to a night away at our favorite hotel where we got engaged and try to visit at least once a year! hello to the parker (beautiful hotel in palm springs)!

hello to having the same schedule with my husband this week, such luck! (tray is ikea)

hello to my best friend coming home after a month away. i've truly missed you ayme! it's far too quiet around here without you and your little brood! (cards are jones design company)

hello to checking more off of our summer checklist this week!

hello to looking forward to a day at the pool

hello to  a yoga class with my hubby this morning! a perfect way to start our week!


  1. Hooray for summer lists checked off!

  2. Angie...I have missed you! Love the tray and all the "little" ways you made this a special gift. You are such a kind, thoughtful friend! Can't wait to organize together and do something creative...See you tomorrow???