Friday, October 19, 2012


 i’m linking up my phone pics from this last week with jeannett.

this week has come and gone so quickly. it was a whirlwind of fun and planning. we had a baby shower at work for a friend who is having her first girl! and then also getting ready for our weekend away in santa barbara, which we have been planning for a couple of months. i am sitting in our little rental house listening to the peaceful sounds of the ocean the freeway traffic and so thankful for this mini vacation. my parents are here with their doodle and i am waiting for my brother to show up with his adorable pup. it's going to be a full house and i couldn't be happier. mr sitompul is riding in a century tomorrow, which deserves it's own post, and my brother and dad are riding a shorter version. we are all excited! mom and i have been getting our shopping on!

 after a long day of work we made yummy hot drinks and lit a candle. i really should do that more often, it is so good for your soul!

a very fun package in the mail, just in time for our trip. fi's first matching collar and leash, and i absolutely love!

every girl deserves a pair of red shoes!

excuse the lighting, a bunting patti helped me make for the shower, i think it turned out pretty cute

my sweetheart

 the trendiest kleenex that i found at the $ store, too pretty not to get

started up the home made lattes this week and can't get enough. sitting after yoga with a latte and my computer is my most favorite time of my day.

on our way this morning to santa barbara. have loved every minute of today! mr sitompul made this trip possible. he is so amazing! he's helpful and organized and treats me like a queen. i'm so lucky!!

my friend made these and gave them out as party favors. adorable. haven't eaten one yet, they are too cute, but i heard they are delicious!

happy friday friends!

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  1. Love your pics Angie....such sweet pics of Fiona. Carolina and Thomas had so much fun playing with her today! Other girls were sad to miss out....