Thursday, October 11, 2012


 i’m linking up my phone pics with jeannett. it has been over a month since i posted an instafriday, so i just went through all my phone pics and tried to limit them to the best memories. there is a definite theme in these photos, but in my defense, she kind of runs our life now and anywhere we can take a dog is now our favorite place to go!

a sweet little birthday gift to a special friend. i thought it turned out cute
we took our favorite little people to the lazy river, it was a really fun day
 our trip down from wa after picking up our baby, the sparkle brick was outside voodoo doughnuts, i loved it!

trying to take a pick of fi and i to send to mr sitompul at work. her head is really too big to fit in the phone screen

the first of our fall decor, and miss confused over anything new

a trip to roger's garden, one of my favorite places

a lazy day spent on the couch, trying to regain some energy

we did a 10k, just walked, but had so much fun

celebrated our 3rd anniversary, i made a special dinner and can't help but decorate the table

happy friday! 


  1. Stoping by from InstaFriday, love that view from your couch. Gorgeous decs!

  2. stopped by from "life rearranged"
    congratulations on the new addition to the family :-) and that table you set for your anniversary dinner is GORGEOUS!!

    have a great day!

  3. Here from InstaFriday.
    LOVE your anniversary table, so pretty. Looks like you had a great month!

  4. I love that sparkle brick wall! So fun!