Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello Monday

i am linking up with Lisa for hello monday. i'm excited that it is a new week and i only have two more days of work this week!

hello beautiful peonies, definitely a favorite flower. someday i hope to live in the right climate to grow them.

hello to the 4th! we are going on a picnic with family and hopefully some friends. i want it to be super cute, so am planning to make some fun food and have cute decorations! basically to photo. i'm really the only one that cares about the details, but it truly makes the holiday special for me. mr sitompul always seems to get excited about that stuff. i'm super lucky!

hello to a massage tomorrow, it's been a while and i am in such need. i don't know if it's my patients, or the way i move in yoga, but i am super tight and sore everywhere!


hello to taking a good friend to the airport and getting to spend some time together before her flight at lunch. the older i get, the more i value amazing friends. i only have a few, but i love them to death.

hello to a week started out on the right foot! i went to yoga early this morning and already went grocery shopping for the week.

here is to a new week and staying positive and in a thankful frame of mind!

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