Friday, July 6, 2012


i’m linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett! most of them are from the 4th of July! This year my husband became a full fledged american with his citizenship complete! i wanted to make it kind of a big deal! we planned a big family picnic where we usually watch the fireworks. we made a lot of fun food and brought cute decor! everyone bailed except my husband's mom and brother. we had fun playing cards and chatting though. we ended up carrying in a ton of food, so for just four of us, we had a lot to choose from! it was a nice evening relaxing together.

we picked up our chairs from getting upholstered. i love them! i ended up using drop cloth and have been really nervous about picking them up, but they turned out great and are quite comfortable! i  love the guy that recovered them, he is super sweet and he knew i didn't want to spend a lot on them, so he took off $50 when we picked them up. i'm so grateful for nice people!

i've been eyeing this fabric at joanns for awhile, i really want to make pillows for our chairs with this. may have to just get some next time i have a 50% off coupon with me!

independence day! i went to a tough yoga class and was feeling really great when i got home. we cooked all day. wanted to go get lunch and realized the whole town shuts down for the holiday. we (usually work on the 4th so are a little clueless), ended coming home and making lunch. we had such a fun day together!

chocolate dipped pretzels and strawberries! we have a ton left over!

bad pic, but the fireworks were amazing this year. my favorite thus far!

my man being an amazing husband!

super cool fabric i bought this week for a project!

lovely day spent together!

left over pudding cups from our celebration

just received my favorite (and only) magazine in the mail today! it only comes out four times a year, but i love it and it makes each issue even more special.

i'm super excited about this weekend! we haven't had a weekend off together for almost a month! i plan to check a couple things off of our summer checklist!

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