Thursday, July 12, 2012

Independence Day

this post is basically just a bunch of pictures to mark my husbands first 4th of July as an american! we were pretty excited and tried to make it special. the day was spent cooking and making fun treats for our picnic, but it was great and we had a perfect time together!

 we dipped pretzels in chocolate and sprinkles, it was a little tougher than we thought, but they were delish!

mr american!

my tom's turn for the photo!

yummy sparkling lemonade from tj.

my beautiful mother in law!

a ton of veggies and dip!

our little picnic! i had this awesome idea to use a dropcloth for a simple picnic blanket. super bad idea! the moisture from the grass seeped through and we were a little wet on the backside!

the best patriotic strawberries! i could go for one right now!

my good friend (yoga partner!) came over to visit with her adorable daughter. i told her i wanted to take a picture of her and she struck a pose, way too much personality in this little one!!!

not the greatest pic of us, but it's all we got!

 hubby trying to get good pics of the fireworks! i think he did a great job!

i always feel so proud to be an american when this day roles around and this year did not dissapoint! i am so thankful to live in this country and to be free!

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